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Accurate and Fast Clinical and in vitro Testing for Claim Substantiation


    Florida Suncare Testing, Inc. operates out of a specially designed 11,500 square foot testing facility, located at 101 N. Bay St., in Bunnell, FL.  The express purpose of this facility is to independently perform suncare product, analytical and UPF fabric testing for the suncare, cosmetic, and clothing manufacturing industries.  FSTI employees have decades of experience in suncare product efficacy and analytical testing, as well as a tremendous amount of regulatory experience.  FSTI prides itself in being one of the most accurate testing labs in the world.  As a member lab, FSTI has participated in “blind” COLIPA SPF studies organized and analyzed by Bipea, a French independent testing agency.   FSTI has proven to be among the most accurate, with an average SPF value of 102% of the mean value for all participating labs for the 17 individual products tested.  In addition FSTI was closest to the mean value more often than any other participating lab. We always strive to conduct clinical testing with the utmost accuracy while always protecting the health and well being of those individuals who participate in our studies.



"To provide the fastest service at a competitive price while maintaining the highest standards in the suncare testing industry."