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Specialized Equipment Utilized for Clinical Testing


     Single Port 150 Watt Solar Simulators


   The light source employed is a 150 Watt Xenon Arc Solar Simulator (Solar Light, Co., Glenside, PA, Model 16S, and conform    to FDA and COLIPA (Global Harmonization) and ISO standards for SPF testing.  All equipment used in conducting SPF tests are calibrated annually, or more often if necessary, by an independent certification facility.


     Multiport Solar Simulators Model 601-300


The light source employed is a 300 Watt Xenon Arc Solar Simulator (Solar Light Co., Glenside, PA), Model 601-300, and     conforms to FDA, COLIPA, and ISO standards for UVA In-vivo testing.  The multiport solar simulator used in conducting UVA-PF testing is calibrated annually, or more often if necessary, by an independent certification facility.


     Whirlpools for Water Immersion Studies 


       Supports water resistant claims for both SPF and UVA-PF studies.    


 Life Smart Temperature and Humidity Controlled Environmental Chamber


    Supports Non-migration (sweat proof) testing of products as well as other specialized studies which require a specific temperature and humidity controlled environment.


          PMA 2100 Photometer/Radiometers 


   This personal measurement assistant is a sophisticated, multipurpose ultraviolent measuring instrument combining the user-friendliness of a simple meter with the capability of an advanced data logger.  Accurate measurements of radiation from sunlight or artificial light sources can be obtained when connected to our various UV detectors.


         DCS-1 Dose Control Systems    


       Designed for use with the Solar Light Co. model 15S and 16S single port solar simulators for accurate dose control, while displaying real-time UV dose intensity.


         PMA 2102 Detectors


   Designed to operate in an outdoor environment and is biologically weighted to measure responses in the UVB (sunburn region of the erythema action spectrum).  It is utilized for a variety of outdoor SPF studies and photostability tests.


         PMA 2111 Detectors


       The PMA 2111 detector provides fast and accurate irradiance measurement in the UVA region.  It’s spectral response covers the 320 to 400 nm range.  It is utilized in outdoor photostability and SPF testing, indoor UVA in-vivo and in-vitro testing.


         PMA 2105 Detectors


       This cone shaped detector provides accurate measurement of ultraviolent energy output when adapted for use with the PMA 2100 Radiometer and  the Model 16S Solar Simulators as a separate meter for measuring output and as an alternative dose control system.


         PMA 2113 Detectors


       This detector provides fast and accurate irradiance measurement in the UVA region, and is specifically designed for use with the Model 601-300 Multiport and PMA 2100 Radiometer, where it functions as both a dose control system and as a continuous monitor of the amount of UVA energy output.


         Courage-Khazaka Corneometer Model MSC 100   


This instrument measures skin hydration levels of the horny layer via capacitance measurements and is used to evaluate the level of moisture for test product moisturization claims.


         Atlas Suntest-CPS


        This solar exposure system is used exclusively for the pre-irradiation of  samples for subsequent in-vitro or photostability testing.


         Oriel 1500 Watt Solar Simulator


   This solar simulator with a large uniform light source, which complies with FDA, COLIPA, and ISO requirements for solar simulators, is used for the pre-irradiation of samples for subsequent in-vitro or photostability testing.


          Optometrics Sunscreen Analyzers, SPF-290 and SPF-290S


      Instruments used exclusively for the in-vitro analysis of sunscreen test products.