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Migration Testing

Migration testing in essence measures how a product moves away from the applied area.  Why is this important?  Well for one anyone who has applied a product to their face and then proceeded with water activities or active sports knows how much a product can sting if it gets in the eyes.   This is extremely important for products for babies and kids.  Also, a product that moves from the intended area will provide less protection over time.
FSTI has the facilities to provide the temperature and humidity controlled environment to test products in sweat inducing environments (see pic below left).  With this test you can rest assured making the desired claims for your product.
The image below represents 2 products (in blue) applied to 2 separate skin areas (tan circles below).   After application and exposure to a hot humid area, this represents what a technician would see under special lighting conditions.  The product on the left hardly moved from the applied area thus proving it to be non-migrating.  On the right the product shows to have spread a lot and thus is migrating.  If a product migrates past certain parameters then it would not earn a non-migrating claim.