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Analytical Services Now Available!

Florida Suncare Testing, Inc. (FSTI), is happy to announce the addition of analytical capabilities to better serve our clients' needs.  FSTI has registered with the FDA pursuant to part 207 of Title 21, US Code of Federal Regulations.  FSTI has validated HPLC methods for analyzing U.S. approved sunscreen actives.  Other non sunscreen actives are also in process of being validated.  FSTI has also validated methods utilizing X Ray fluorescence in order to assay Zinc and Titanium actives.

As Always We Specialize In The Following:


1. Static SPF Testing - FDA and COLIPA Standards

2. Water Resistant SPF Testing - FDA and COLIPA Standards

3. Static and Water Resistant Persistent Pigment Darkening Tests

4. Moisturization

5. Color Development

6. Product Migration (Sweat-proof)

7. Custom Outdoor Testing - (Including surf and sand)



1. FDA UVA in vitro method "Broad Spectrum Test" (critical wavelength)

2. COLIPA UVa in vitro method

3. ISO 24443 UVA in vitro method

4. Fabric (UPF) in vitro method

5. EU in vitro PFA

6. SPF Estimates

7. Boots Star

8. Photostability - Solar Simulator

9. Photostability - Atlas Q Sun

10. Photostability - Natural Sunlight