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Fabric Testing to Establish the UPF Rating


A strong trend has emerged in the apparel industry, especially in active wear, sports clothing, and outdoor wear.  Those who are wearing clothing outdoors desire an assurance that this clothing can block harmful UV rays. Many clothing lines have discovered this and have taken the steps to test their product and display the UPF rating in the retail outlets.  Florida Suncare Testing, Inc. (FSTI) can help you to compete in this emerging and important aspect of the industry.  UPF is analogous to SPF (as used in sunscreen products), a label of 50+ UPF for example signifies that the fabric sample has been shown to protect the skin from erythema 50 or more times than the ability of fair skinned people’s natural protection.  FSTI uses the AATCC method to test the fabric in an in vitro method.  Additionally, FSTI offers hangtags displaying the tested UPF which can be attached to the garment.  We would love to discuss the testing method with you including our low prices both for the test and for the hangtags.